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Hey guys! Here is the official menu for you all to view and of course, order from!! =] Hope you all love the menu as much as I do. It took a lot of time and energy to compile all my favorite and family favorite recipes for everyone to enjoy. One taste and you will realize how much love I put into all the food here at Foodielicious! I take pride in making the best tasting foods with the highest quality ingredients to show you what making food memories is all about! Enjoy reading the menu and I am looking forward to hearing from you all!!

Making Food Memories

Here at Foodielicious we are looking to make all your events special with our great quality ingredients and amazing customer service. We look forward to serving you!


(Serves 8-10)

Albondigas • meatballs/chipotle/chayote/carrot/zucchini $30
Caldo de Pollo • gizzards/carrot/zucchini/cilantro $30
Lentil • mirepoix/bacon $28
Gazpacho • cucumber/peppers/onion/cilantro $25

(serves 8-10)

FL Signature • spinach/goat cheese/candied walnuts/apple $24
Panzanella • croutons/fresh mozzarella/tomatoes/peppers $24
Caprese • fresh mozzarella/tomato/balsamic $24
Grandma H’s Italian • red leaf/egg/red onion/lemon/tomatoes $20
Ravioli Spinach • spinach/bacon/onion/ravioli/ranch $24
Old School Pasta • veggie medley/cheese/olives $20

Side Salads
(Serves 8-10)

Angie’s Potato • egg/cornichon/onion $20
Honey-Chipotle Slaw • honey chipotle aioli/cilantro $20
Award-Winning Roasted Potato • bacon/arugula/garlic aioli $22
Creamy pasta • ham/peas/sweet dressing $20

$30 (Priced per 2 dozen)

Artichoke Squares • garlic/cheddar/egg/onion
Heaven&Hell Chicken • chile/brown sugar/bacon
Swedish Balls • gravy/lingonberry (3 meatball skewers)
Mushroom Toast • gruyere/caramelized onion/garlic aioli
Tostaditas • chicken/sofrito/serrano crema
Spicy Balls • giardiniera/parmesan (3 meatball skewers)

(Priced per 3 dozen)

Hi-Roller • ham/salami/banana peppers $30
Vegetarian • jalapeño/red pepper/corn/black olive $28
Glor’s Special • corned beef/green onion/mayo $28
Taco Loco • black olives/green onion/seasoning $24

Small Sandwiches
(Priced per 2 dozen)

Cucumber • zesty cream cheese/paprika/french bread $24
Old Fashioned Chicken Salad • celery/onion/tomato/peppers/white bread $26
TBJ • turkey/bacon/raspberry jam/pretzel roll $26
Hawaiian Chicken • pineapple/apple/grapes/hawaiian bread $26
Roasted Veggies • peppers/mushrooms/goat cheese/pita $26
Wild Rice Chicken • wild rice/garlic salt/white bread $26

(Serves 8-10)

BLT • bacon/tomato/black pepper $18
Old Fashioned Spinach • water chestnuts/green onion $18
Buffalo Chicken • wing sauce/ranch/cheddar $18
House Special Guacamole • onion/tomato/jalapeño/seasonal fruit $24
Signature Salsa • chile de arbol/onion/cilantro $15
Tailgate • array of veggies/cream cheese/black olive $18
Honey Blue Cheese • blue/honeycomb/black pepper $20
**breads, toasts, crackers & chips available upon request (prices vary)

Priced per person (8 person min.)

Cacciatore Ragu • stewed tomatoes/mushroom/onion/egg noodles $8.00
Angie’s Almost Famous Pot Roast • root veggies/mushroom $9.00
Award Winning Chili • beef/hot sauce/black beans/ $8.00
Cheese Enchiladas • guajillo peppers/garlic/chihuahua cheese $8.00
Pink Pasta • tomato cream/chicken/mushroom/broccoli $8.00
Breaded Pork Chops • giardiniera/chihuahua cheese $8.00
Spaghettini Casserole • giardiniera/beef/cheeses/egg noodle $6.00
Asian Salmon • brown sugar/soy/garlic $9.00

(Serves 8-10)

Grecian Green Beans • garlic/olive oil/tomato $22
Roasted Asparagus • olive oil/s&p (seasonal) Market Price
Mashed Potatoes • cream cheese/butter $20
Lana’s Stuffing • pork sausage/celery/green onion/chicken stock $30
Israeli Couscous • spinach/mushroom/marsala $24
Broccoli Casserole • american cheese/buttery cracker crumbs $22

Brunch/Breakfast Items
priced per item (serves 6-8)

Chorizo Scramble • potato/onion/jalapeño $25.00
Veggie Pizza • puff pastry/asst. veggies/cream cheese $25.00
French Toast Casserole • vanilla/brown sugar/brioche $25.00
Chilaquiles • tomatillo/onion/jalapeño $20.00
*add chorizo $5.00
Veggie Egg Casserole • zucchini/peppers/mushroom/swiss $25.00
House Made Granola • almonds/coconut/brown sugar $8/lb.
*can customize granola with dried fruits, candies, etc. (prices vary)

*All entrees, brunch items and sides can be ordered as “take and bake” to finish at home, perfect for a housewarming gift, new mom or sympathy gift!!

Specialty Dessert Treats
priced per item (serves 12-18) $35.00

Cookies in a Cloud • chocolate chip cookie/whipped cream
Retro Eclair Cake • french vanilla/graham/chocolate frosting
Flan Cake • mexican flan/yellow cake/powdered sugar
Pistachio • pistachio shortbread/pudding/whipped cream
Various Trifles (seasonal, ask for details)

handmade two or three layer 9” (serves 10-12) $45.00
*decorating extra

Red Velvet • cream cheese frosting
White Velvet • nutella buttercream
Chocolate Mayo • peanut butter buttercream
Pumpkin or Banana • cream cheese frosting

Other frosting options include lemon cream cheese, cookie dough and marshmallow.

*Amazeballs • choose cake & frosting $2.00 each (2 dozen min.)
**Cupcakes • choose cake & frosting $2.50 each (2 dozen min.)

White Trash Wedding Cake …um…yeah.
*ask for details

Fabulous Hand-Held Desserts
priced per piece (1 dozen min.)

Mini Cookie Bottom Cheesecakes • sandwich cookie/sour cream $2.00
Peanut Butter Kisses • salty peanut butter/chocolate kiss $1.50
*can also be made into plain peanut butter cookies
Toffee Squares • pecans/quick caramel $1.50
Cherry Butter Cookies • maraschino cherry/butter $1.50
Cookie Dough Brownies • eggless cookie dough/Callebaut chocolate $2.50
Mexican Wedding Cakes • butter/sugar/nuts (optional) $1.50
Callebaut Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars • butter/sugar/Callebaut bitter $2.00

Let’s get down to details…

To not overbook our small kitchen, please call early when planning your event or get together.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book an event or date.
Because everything is made to order, a 7-day notice is recommended for placing orders & making changes.
In addition to making high quality foods, we are available to come set up our items for you on our unique serving dishes (to be picked up or dropped off the following day) for a flat fee of $30. Or we can simply drop off in catering trays with a minimal delivery charge (depending on location) or you can pick up.

Payment for events & service is expected at the conclusion of the event or set-up.
We accept cash or check. (Credit cards to be accepted soon.)
Prices subject to change due to season/availability.


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